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"Kaidan" is the attempt to create a spatial font without the typical 3D effects such as drop shadows, gloss and extrusion. The only tool is a two-step staircase on which the letters are placed. This creates a typeface that looks angular and edgy. Pervaded by some very extreme curves, abrupt kinks and slanted angles, it does not correspond to the ideal of beauty of a reader-friendly font. However, it follows a concept that cannot embellish these deformations. Through it' s very own character “Kaidan” appears to be stubborn and dynamic. It is well suited as a striking decorative font and experimental headlines.
The font has two masters, which show the letters once from an isometric perspective and once from a more extreme angle. As it is a variable font, it is possible to interpolate between the two styles, which animates the impression of a font rotating in space.

by Nelly Nakahara
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