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“Icarus“ is an experimental decorative display typeface. It works well in large sizes, headlines and for short paragraphs. When I developed my initial idea for the Icarus typeface I looked at simple parabola shapes and graphs of mathematical functions. The basis of most letter shapes was found in an experiment in where I tried to create curves by using as few anchor points as I could. Icarus is also deriving from the principle, that all letters can be drawn in one quick stroke. This resulted in a flowing motion full of energy and gave an airy, light but also adding an expressive character to the typeface combining dynamic, speed and sharpness.
Icarus’ name finds its origin in the ancient Greek legend of “Daedalus and Icarus”. A turbulent airflow is somehow speaking through the characteristic curves while the pointy edges refer to Icarus’ dramatic fate. The typeface is available upon request.

by Sophia Brinkgerd
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